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Hayfever Season 2019 Posted on 23 Jan 2020

Do you know you can get your hay fever medicines from your local pharmacy?

Changes to the NHS prescriptions for hay fever treatments:

Following recent consultations, the NHS has introduced changes to the prescribing guidance for over-thecounter medications. In line with these changes, most patients no longer need to see their GP for hayfever treatments. Pharmacists can offer advice on how to treat hay fever and how to avoid triggers. The common treatments for hay fever such as tablets, eye drops and nasal sprays can all be purchased from your local pharmacy without a prescription and at a lower cost.

Save yourself time, and save the NHS money, see your pharmacist.

Please click on the flyer below to download more helpful information on what you can do to help ease the suffering caused by Hayfever:

Hayfever Patient Flyer 2019 (PDF, 710KB)


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